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The influence of Infliximab on the development of Experimental Pancreatitis

Lychkova AE*, Golubev Yu Yu and Puzikov AM

Published: 25 August, 2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 007-011

Aim: To identify the possibility of correction of motor function of the gastro-intestinal tract in experimental pancreatitis with the administration of infliximab.

Material and methods: Pancreatitis was modeled by the administration of picrylsulfonic acid retrogradely into the pancreatic duct of rat (n=5) and 4 animals were control. Electromyogram (EMG) of the pancreatic duct was monitored immediately after the administration of picrylsulfonic acid and on the 15th day of pancreatitis simulation before and after the administration of infliximab. The morphological investigation of pancreas was conducted on the 15th day of development of pancreatitis and on the 15th day of treatment of pancreatitis with infliximab.

Results: Infliximab restores the motor function of pancreatic duct and structure of pancreas during acute pancreatitis.

Conclusion: Protective action of infliximab during acute pancreatitis was shown.

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Rat; Pancreatic duct; Motor function; Pancreatitis; Infliximab


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